10 Easy Steps to Submit Your Label Artwork

Use our infographic and artwork checklist to make sure you have everything you need to submit your label artwork for a great quality print!

How to Submit Label Artwork infographic

Print File Submission Checklist

  1. Use an outlined minimum of 5 pt font (600dpi) or 6 pt font (300 dpi)
  2. Minimum line weight of 0.5 pt
  3. 300 dpi minimum–600 dpi is preferred
  4. Vector graphics are best (We can do raster files, but these can lose quality)
  5. Make sure artwork is to size–at least 100% printed scale
  6. We accept TIFF, PDF, EPS, & JPEG file types
  7. Please submit in CMYK (RGB works but you may see color differences due to converting)
  8. For Thermal Printing: artwork needs to be in black and white, not grayscale
  9. Check for spelling and typos
  10. Check for bleed–we recommend a 0.0625″ bleed

Want to get even more technical? You can reference our official Print File Requirements page for our nitty-gritty deep dive into artwork submissions.

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Don’t know where to start? Reach out to The Label Experts for help setting up your print files for submission!