Warehouse Data Files

Important initial information:

  • Warehouse Data files must be submitted on a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets
  • ALWAYS use headers to differentiate data
  • The spreadsheet set up between rack and totem labels is different
  • Fonts, logos, images, and colors should be submitted separately, and if variable, reflected on your data file in their own column in simple text format (i.e., Logo 1, Logo 2, Font 1, Font 2, Orange, Blue, etc.)
  • If a part of your label is static and does not change, there’s no need to include it in your data file

Rack Label spreadsheet format:

Variable barcoding example
  • If the human readable data differentiates from the barcode, place that data in a separate column. It should look exactly how you want it represented on your label.
Table with quantity column
Barcode and human readable column example
  • Different products (different size rack labels, for example) should be separated by different sheet tabs
How to separate multiple products

Totem Label spreadsheet format:

  • If applicable make first column represent arrow direction
    Warehouse Totem Labels
    Warehouse Totem Labels
  • Each Column represents a separate level of the totem label
    • Be sure to have labels with different amount of levels on their own tab ( 5 level labels on tab 1, 7 level labels on tab 2, etc.)

  • Level color of your totem labels:
    • If each level of all your labels is represented by a static color, simply put the color in your header next to the level identifier
    • If variable, be sure to include a color column in your data file
  • Each Row still represents a single label
    Warehouse Totem Labels

    Warehouse Totem Labels
  • If human readable is different from barcode, include a human readable column. Be sure headers relay this information.
    Warehouse Totem Labels Data File
    Warehouse Totem Labels
  • To reduce risk of errors, have data in order from left to right (Level A, Level B, Level C, etc.)
    • Having data in order makes it easier for us to find potential errors in your data
      Warehouse Totem Labels Data FileWarehouse Totem Labels Data FileWarehouse Totem Labels Data File
      Warehouse Totem Labels Data File

If you still have questions about setting up your warehouse data files, send The Label Experts your questions.