Printing Your Own Barcode Labels

Print barcode labels with an in-house printing system, it’s easier than you think. However, if you’re like some of The Label Experts prior to working for us, you may think that printers are evil or scary. Why is it that they can spit out misprints and chew up sheets in their attempt to mock you right before your biggest deadline? What monsters! Thankfully, EIM can give you some tips on handling your own printer along with picking the right labels and barcodes. (Just make sure you don’t feed your printer after midnight.)

Should I Print Barcode Labels?

Determining if buying your own printer to print barcode labels is the right move for you can typically boil down to two needs – convenience and cost vs quality and flexiblity. You may decide that a simple black and white barcode label that can be printed at your whim is sufficient; on the other hand, if you need a wide varity of labels sizes with full-color print, it may be easier to have a printer like EIM take on the extra work for you.

The two sections below will help answer questions you may be having such as “Would it be better to have my labels custom printed for me or to print them myself?” and “What type of printer should I use?”

While our guide may be useful, nothing can replace speaking 1-on-1 with one of The Label Experts. We can offer assistance to answer your custom labeling needs. Before consulting with us, check out this page and our complementary Getting Started guide to help steer you in the right direction. The more info you know about your application, the quicker we can match you to the right product. We are excited to assist you and help come to a solution for your unique labeling needs.