Prototype Labels – Fast, Flexible and Free

EIM offers prototype labels, samples, and label proofs as part of our many labeling services. Upon request, exact samples allow you to preview labels to make sure they look and feel the way you want them. We can also provide pre-press short runs of labels for a new product introduction before you commit to your first order.

Multiple rolls of blank white adhesive labels

Prototype labels are useful for many purposes such as nameplates for equipment that have to go through beta testing, product presentations, focus groups and photo shoots for new product launches. They are also very commonly used for product packaging mock-ups such as food and nutrition labels.

Another great way you can take advantage of our prototyping services is to verify the functionality and design of a label. Difficult surfaces, unusual shapes, or rigorous print durability present many challenges, and the average label may not work. Sampling a live proof ahead of time can ensure you get what you need for your tough labeling application. For instance, we’ve worked with a manufacturer of impact sensors for football helmets, and they needed a rugged, curved label with a cut out to fit around their sensors.

How do you go about getting a prototype label?

We make it easy with our special die-less cutting technology that lets us do custom label layouts without tooling. We also utilize various digital printing technologies that don’t require print plates. This allows us to produce live mock-ups and lets us analyze a design to to ensure there won’t be issues.

Our rapid turnaround means we will typically ship a label prototype in 2-3 days! (Other companies may take a week!) Whatever your request, EIM’s modern software and equipment are ready to produce whatever designs you have. So go ahead and request prototype labels—there’s zero risk and zero cost to you!