Customer Spotlight: Cable Labels Control the Monster

a large assembly of various wires Imagine trying to keep track of hundreds of labels. Now imagine organizing those labels so they all fit neatly inside a small point-of-purchase (POP) kiosk (like a photo developing stand in Wal-Mart®). Sound like an unrealistic expectation? Well, one of our customers does just that.

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With cable labels in hand, technicians attack kiosk stands in an effort to tame the hydra-like cables within the sturdy outer casing. Unlike the Hydra, when cable labels are used, three wires do not pop into place. Maybe Hercules should have used them to tame the Hydra? Well, we digress; our point was that these guys can handle all their cable organizing needs with EIMINC® cable labels. Our cable labels have helped this customer gain various awards for their design of different kiosks. With their unique wrap around design and high temperature resistance, they are the perfect companion to those wild wires. Who would’ve thought calm, restricted cable labels would have paired up with out-of-control cables?