Barcode Rap – Slappalabelonnit!

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsWho Said Barcodes are Boring?? May we present, a barcode rap

Barcodes have been around for more than 60 years, and have had widespread use for almost 40. But despite their longstanding history, some people think barcodes have become rather stale, reserved for nerds sitting behind their computers holding calculators. Sure, maybe barcodes have been reinvigorated with the spreading popularity of QR Codes and the proliferation of smart phones, but they still hold a “wimpy” or “soft” connotation. In order to debunk this myth, and for your enjoyment, we’ve released a barcode rap video – Slappalabelonnit! – showing just how rough and tumble barcodes are. It has since been featured on the Barcode News, and is making people think twice before calling a Barcode Guru a wimp! Enjoy…

Barcode Rap Transcript: Are your assets gettin’ lost? Slappalabelonnit! Before your tubes go into frost Slappalabelonnit! To improve efficiency Slappalabelonnit! No matter what your industry! Slappalabelonnit! You manufacture PCBs? Slappalabelonnit! You wanna start trackin’ your skis Slappalabelonnit! You puttin’ inserts into shoes? Slappalabelonnit! There is just no excuse! Yo – I’m a barcodin’ freak Labelin’ stuff like every day of the week Tongue in cheek With the words that I speak If labels were a mountain then I’d be at the peak! When it comes to scannin’ baby I can hold my own Whether from a barcode reader or my mobile phone The black and white lines ‘tween the quiet zones I sit ‘n scan ’em easy from my barcode throne As for symbologies, I think they’re all great So go ahead and pick one, don’t dawdle, don’t wait Whether Code 39 or 128 I’m here to spread the barcode love and stop the barcode hate! Wanna be my barcode babe you better get in line Get a clue, or step to the side The only kinds of chicks I dig are very fine 600 DPI Got a fragment of a skull? Slappalabelonnit! When a diaper’s gettin’ full Slappalabelonnit! You wanna know just what you got? Slappalabelonnit! You growin’ flowers in a pot Slappalabelonnit! You said your boyfriend talks too much? Slappalabelonnit! If something is too hot to touch Slappalabelonnit! You got hair on your upper lip? Pullalabeloffit! If you don’t want someone to trip Slappalabelonnit! When you’re in the barcode biz you gotta be the best So stick with me like a label and forget the rest If you decide to join my barcode conquest Then you’ve got a one-way ticket express to success As for the other guys, man, just hit snooze They’ve got no chance, they’re surely gonna lose They’ll send you icky-sticky labels and whatever you choose They’ll come with halo, liner-strike, and adhesive ooze! So I throw my gang sign proud it goes E-I-M Along with Stacey, and Tracy, and Juan, and Jillian Cheryl, Nick, Zach, Leif, Linda, and Larry Tom, Sadie, Steve, Alex, George, and Mary Jason, Dee Dee, Ed, Travis, Sarah, and Hester Stephanie, Veronica, Nancy, Marty, and Heather But wait just a second, that’s right I’m not through Don’t forget our co-op student, my homeboy Drue! (Go Drubie! Go Drubie!) You got a big rat’s nest of hoses? Slappalabelonnit! Or you’re collectin’ cockroaches Slappalabelonnit! You facin’ GHS compliance? Slappalabelonnit! You got a favorite home appliance Slappalabelonnit! Drop your kid off at daycare Slappalabelonnit! You got some fancy underwear Slappalabelonnit! Said you don’t want your friend to see? Slappalabelonnit! Everything from A to Z! Slappalabelonnit!