Ditch the Magnets with Moveable Warehouse Rack Labels—Customer Spotlight

An international logistics company contacted us because they wanted to purchase magnetic warehouse rack labels for their brand new facility. Normally, The Label Experts go with what the customer wants, but in this case we suspected that the standard ‘perfect’ solution of magnetic rack labels might be overkill.

EverPeel removable and reusable label being peeled off of a magnetic warehouse rack

Is There a Good Alternative to Magnetic Warehouse Rack Labels?

Magnetic labels are a mainstay for many logistics companies since they’re easily movable from one rack location to another. With their constant influx of new inventory, labels on magnets offer a flexibility that permanent barcode rack labels just don’t offer. But we knew there was a better rack labeling option out there!  While magnetic labels are perfect for some of our logistics clients, many warehouses may not actually need such a robust option—sometimes less is best!

In this case, “less” meant our alternative to magnetic labels, Everpeel®. Our ‘permanent, repositionable’ removable label, Everpeel® is kind of like a superpowered sticky note for your warehouse racks. While most types of removable labels can only be used one time, Everpeel® is designed to be reused multiple times. The “permanent” bit refers to its ability to completely adhere to metal racks without lifting off at the corners—it looks and functions like a permanent rack label, but can be moved and repositioned multiple times, just like a magnet!

Actually, “magnetic label” is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s referring to two separate products—a magnet cut to the customer’s specifications, and a barcode rack label placed on top of it. This is why many of Everpeel® labels’ advantages over magnetic rack labels are cost related: obviously, you’re buying one product instead of two, but there are considerable savings on hidden costs as well, such as faster turnaround time, and considerably lighter shipping boxes!

Intrigued by the possibility of a simplified product, our logistics client requested some removable rack labels to try out for themselves. After testing out samples of Everpeel® we sent to their facility, the logistics company realized it worked perfectly on their new warehouse racks, and placed a large order for color-coded barcode location labels.

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We’re always happy to support clients in making their flow of goods run smoothly with accurate, movable rack labels! Curious about swapping out expensive magnets for a more streamlined option? Contact The Label Experts and we will help you assess (and test!) if Everpeel® rack labels are a viable solution for your warehouse!