Cryogenic Labels for a Boston Hospital–Customer Spotlight

Some of the most important research taking place today happens in laboratories. Whether it’s researching new vaccines or DNA sequencing, laboratories are the birthplace of many improvements to human life. However, a common obstacle our lab customers face is finding a label that can be stored in cryogenic temperatures and survive the freeze-thaw cycle without sacrificing functionality. In a place that handles such vital work, cryogenic barcode labels for tubes, slides and medical equipment are integral to maintaining organization and communication in the lab.

When a Boston-based hospital reached out for help labeling medical equipment in their lab, we were excited to get to work. Having partnered up with The Label Experts in the past, they trusted that we would deliver the same level of service and quality labels they were accustomed to!

Gloved hands scan a cryogenic barcode labeled tube

Cryogenic Barcode Labels

The work began when EIM received a request for sample labels from the hospital. They needed labels to adhere to plastic tubes, cardboard boxes, and plastic boxes while stored in a liquid nitrogen freezer, and at room-temperature as well. Additionally, the labels would need to be configured to fit properly into their existing thermal transfer label printers so they could print their own labels onsite.

Once the sample request was received, one of The Label Experts quickly reached out to ask more questions about their application—making sure they had all the necessary information in order to recommend the proper labels to evaluate. After the relevant information was gathered, they sent several different CryoLabel® materials for the customer to test inside their laboratory.

The original CryoLabel® was born out of consistent demand for a label that could withstand cryogenic temperatures. Through many years of research and development, EIM has become a one-stop barcode labeling destination for many laboratories—we now have seven different labels in our CryoLabel® line!

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After testing the cryogenic labels on their tubes and boxes, the hospital informed us that the 667 CryoLabel® remained stuck to the desired surfaces and worked perfectly with their existing printers. The Label Experts quickly provided the customer with an estimate for their project and the hospital chose to purchase several rolls of our White CryoLabel®s for their laboratory.

Ready to conquer your next labeling challenge? Whether your project is big or small, The Label Experts at EIM work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive a quality product that solves your problem. Reach out to us for more information or to request free lab label samples.