Pylon Label Predicament: Helping America’s Booming Lumber Industry

pylon label DIY with placards

Here at EIM we are always happy to help one of America’s hottest industries solve their problems to keep their momentum going! And today, it hardly gets any hotter than the lumber industry. That is why we were so excited to hear from Mans Lumber & Millwork,  a 120-year-old Michigan family lumber business. They came to us with a unique pylon labeling problem.

This company needed to get labels to stick to the pylons in their warehouse. The problem? They could not seem to get their warehouse’s regular retro-reflective labels to stick permanently to the pylon. This led them to self-improvise by wiring placards to the pylons and sticking labels onto the placards. We love an innovative approach to solving label issues! However, this approach took time and extra supplies, which lead the company to look for a more efficient way to solve their pylon label problem. They turned to none other than The Label Experts for assistance.

With our years of expertise working with and solving warehouse label challenges, we had seen this situation before. The Account Manager immediately sent a specialized retro-reflective label with a more aggressive adhesive to test.

Low and behold, the sample pylon label worked! But why? When labeling a plastic pylon, you can’t use an ordinary label. Pylons are typically made of elastic polymers, like PVC with plasticizer additives. Those added plasticizers give the pylon its smooth, flexible surface, but it also makes it difficult for a label to adhere permanently and not experience edge-lift, or worse, completely come off. Hence, a specialized, aggressive adhesive was required for the label to successfully stick.

Owner & VP of Operations Peter G. Mans stated, “We were very happy that Mary stepped in and shared some already proven solutions which saved us some money, lasted longer, and worked equally as well.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to The Label Experts for any tricky labeling situation and let us help you keep your lumber business booming!