Long-Range Labels – Barcodes Readable from Long Range

Long-Range Labels, a Story

It was another dark, routine morning, driving to work in the fog that seemed to have won the fight against the sun—just like it had been for the past week or so. Squinting hurts your eyes as headlights reflect off the street signs. Signaling the cars behind you as you pull off to the shoulder, you prepare for your turn. Another day in the warehouse that will also be dark and routine, not to mention filled with more squinting since the warehouse is rather dimly lit. As you walk towards the doors, you are imagining the sun beaming down on your face and a new ceiling in the warehouse made completely of glass—a smile now adorns you.

You clock in, turn on the lights and are shocked by what you see. Can it be? You rub your eyes again and almost have to squint because of the unfamiliar sight before you. It was no glass ceiling or big, warm sun inside the warehouse—but it was almost as good! The towering rows upon rows of shelving units that held the millions of assorted products seem to be glistening and welcoming you! You are easily reading and identifying labels that you normally couldn’t see. It was almost as if they were reflective, just like the road signs you were squinting at on your way to work! And rather than all of them being slapped onto the metal shelving, somewhat carelessly, some are beautifully mounted on placards and hung above the shelves. What a genius idea!


Who snuck into the warehouse and did all of this? Upon looking, you also notice that the labels are not only reflective, but they also have barcodes… hmmm. As you begin to contemplate this exciting surprise, it quickly dawns on you just how easy your job will now become! Through the dark, foggy morning of your commute, you never would have imagined your day turning out so brightly based on such a simple warehouse modification!

So… like many stories, details are sometimes elaborated to capture the audience;) Our reflective long-range labels (aka retro or retro-reflective labels) don’t literally shine to the point of making you have to squint—but they are still pretty remarkable! From a distance, they appear to be white, but upon closer inspection, they are actually a grayish-silver.* The color is created by tiny glass beads embedded in the label film to bounce back the infrared laser beam of long-range warehouse barcode scanners at a greater intensity thus allowing for reading labels at greater distances (between 30-45 feet) right from the convenience of the floor. If it’s more convenient, we can print your retro labels for you. They can be fairly simple with just barcodes and large human readable text, or we can totally customize them in any size with bold color coding and arrows to help you quickly identify specific sections or products.

For additional convenience, we can orientate what we print on your labels to fit either horizontally or vertically on your racks. Barcodes can be produced in either sequential order or from a database to make applying them even easier! Lastly, we can mount your retro-reflective labels on placards for hanging above racks and pallets letting you find just the right place to put your inventory!

EIM has a wide variety of labeling products to solve all kinds of warehouse labeling needs. One of our customers swears by our silver retro-reflective labels* for their warehouse distribution center. By using reflective labels in sizes ranging from 1.00” x 6.00” to 3.50” x 10.00”, they are able to easily organize and manage their large inventory of groceries that consumers purchase online, then package and ship the items directly to their customers’ homes. Barcodes expedite their turn-around time by drastically reducing the time it takes to locate and inventory their stock and quickly linking all of their information back to their database.

To learn more about our different long-range retro-reflective barcode labels, please get in touch with The Label Experts. The advantages of retro-reflective labels are amazing, so request free samples today!

*Colored retro-reflective materials are also available.