Long-Term Asset Labels for a Fine Art Storage Facility

long-term asset label on wood storage crate in warehouse racking

When it comes to fine art, The Label Experts know a thing or two about using long-term asset labels for inventory tracking (even if some of us can’t always tell a Cézanne from a Manet). There’s a whole spectrum of labeling needs in the fine art world, from museums, to galleries, to auction houses.

Typical fine art customers need labels with adhesives that are acid free, or in some cases residue free removable labels for temporary asset tracking. But for a climate controlled long term fine art storage facility we’ve been working with since 2015, their labeling needs took a different route.

With multiple locations ranging from San Francisco to Miami to Long Island, this art storage specialist provides unique long term storage facilities to private collectors, galleries, estates, and museums. Although most of their business is devoted to preserving collectors’ pieces indefinitely, they also offer international shipping services to their clients, as well as climate-controlled viewing rooms.

long-term asset label on back of canvas

Shipping and storage is where we came in. Our client needed labels that would stick permanently to the rough texture of wooden storage crates and shipping pallets. They also needed print that was of high enough quality to stay intact and legible for multiple years of storage. We set them up for success with a durable white plastic label that has a high tack aggressive rubber adhesive that makes it PERFECT for rough surfaces like raw unfinished wood. Once they had verified that the material itself would work, we helped them create a custom partially printed full color asset label—complete with their company logo and blank areas for tracking numbers, storage dates, and owner names. All these years later, we’re still supplying them with this very long-term tracking label that helps their business keep track of fine art pieces all over the country.

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Do you need help labeling and tracking delicate fine art pieces? We have acid-free archival, removable, and permanent long-term asset label options. And if what you need isn’t listed here, it’s still worth your while to give The Label Experts a call—our extensive custom design capabilities mean we can help you build a label from the ground up, to your unique specifications.