Auction House Labels “Going Once…Going Twice…Sold!” – Customer Spotlight

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Understandably, most of EIM’s labels are made to stick to objects for practical applications, like cargo shipments, slot machines, football helmets…wait, never mind, you can find our labels on anything! So, it’s not surprising that The Label Experts have had their thumbs in many different pies: auction house labels for labeling pieces of fine art is also within our area of expertise!

Just this past October, we had the pleasure of providing our removable and repositionable #672 EverPeel® labels to an international art auction house that’s been operating for over 200 years. They host over 450 auctions annually in over 80 categories, including all areas of fine and decorative arts, jewelry, photographs, collectibles, and more. Just browsing their auctions online, we found some pieces of art going for over $5,000,000!

So why would an auction house need EverPeel® labels? Well, for starters, you might guess it’s a little important that your piece of art worth a luxury home on the coast doesn’t have any adhesive residue left over when the labels peel off!

Blue auction paddle with "365"

EverPeel® labels are reliably removable and repositionable, so they leave the surface behind intact and adhesive-free. In this case, this auction house is using EverPeel® labels to mark ceramic sculptures that are moved from one display collection to another. The labels need to be cleanly removed each time, so EverPeel® is the perfect fit. EverPeel® labels won’t just stick to ceramics either! They peel right off common substrates such as paper, metal and plastic, and even challenging surfaces like wax, textured PVC, and glass!

Whether technical or artistic, EverPeel® is prepared to label your assets with whatever you may need and be removed at any time! No need to bid!