Keg Labels – Customer Spotlight

Labels for Your Kegger: The Label Experts make Keg Labels

Have you ever set up a keg for a big party or event and thought to yourself “How was this keg distributed and shipped to my local store for me to pick up? What were the operation logistics involved to ensure this arrived correctly at my doorstep?” …no? You’re just trying to tap it? Okay, we probably could have guessed that one. However, you might be surprised to learn that The Label Experts may have had a role in making sure that keg was able to find you with our removable EverPeel® labels. Silver kegs in storage

We’ve been working with a beer distributing warehouse in the Northeast. About a year ago, they inquired about labels that could be applied to their kegs. The catch was that they needed to be able to cleanly remove them without any adhesive residue. Even trickier, the labels would sometimes endure a pressure wash before being removed. Other removable plastic labels weren’t cutting it, so we directed them to our 672 EverPeel® labels.

The bulk of these labels were 6.0” x 4.0”, and their ability to come off cleanly despite their large size was music to their ears. By no longer having to pick at the labels and scrub adhesive off, they were able to cut both cost and labor. This means that this company can deliver quality beer to your local businesses, on time, all the time!

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