Need Labels for Your Asset Tracking Software? We Can Help!

The Label Experts have a long history of creating made-to-order labels for software developers. It’s common for creators of asset tracking software to need a labeling solution that can withstand harsh weather conditions; including extremely high and low temperatures, sun, water, and high winds. One developer we worked with needed to track anything from a truck trailer to a fuel tank with their fleet management software. And their labels had to deal with potential exposure to petroleum products as an added requirement–something we’re more than prepared to handle here at EIM!

Durable Labels for Asset Tracking Software

Barcode Labeled laptop computers for asset tracking

One of our Label Experts took a call from a software developer who had had less than optimal experiences with previous label vendors. He opened with, “I make software that helps my customers track their tools, mostly in construction. I’ve had other label vendors say to me, ‘Oh yeah, our labels will adhere, and they’ll endure tough environments, and they’re the best thing out there on the market.’ So why should I believe you?” Our Label Expert explained we have a wide range of labels that perform well in specific conditions. In this case, the software developer very thoroughly tested several different options, before selecting our Super Durable Laminated EnduraLabel. This preprinted industrial strength label is designed with a superior adhesive to aggressively bond to rough and high textured substrates, oily and greasy surfaces, and low-surface energy plastics. It comes with a high-performance matte clear overlaminate for applications where a non-shiny finish is required, such as for easy barcode scanning. Together these materials work well in the harsh conditions of construction sites where they can be exposed to cleaners, water, gasoline, or toluene. The testing process went so well, he now regularly refers his software clients to us!

Partnering with Software Developers to Make Custom Labels

But it isn’t just about having a good physical product. We’ve built long relationships with leading developers of warehouse management software, which are often customized for specific industries such as the lumber and building materials industry. One WMS provider called us and said, “I have been looking for a very long time for a labeling partner for my software company that I’m comfortable referring my customers to, who will do a good job, charge a fair price, and maintain an emphasis on quality. Are you that supplier?” We were! We believe in showing rather than telling, so with each new project, we worked step by step to support this developer with tools that allowed us to respond quickly and anticipate questions and needs. We sent each new client our guidelines for the data file that produced labels in the exact order needed by their warehouse placard installers. We identified bottlenecks that could slow down a project, such as credit approval, and made sure to educate each new client on how to keep the process moving forward smoothly. Thanks to our Label Expert’s thoughtful, quality conscious support, we continue to make custom tracking labels for many of their clients, more than a decade after that initial conversation!

Need Labels for Your Asset Management Software? We Can Help!

At EIM, we’re very willing to partner with software developers to serve end users effectively! We work hard to establish trust and be responsive, customizing our products and even our order processes to fit their business. If you need help creating standardized labels for clients who use your asset tracking software, please reach out to start a conversation with one of The Label Experts!