Barcode White Papers

Pile of various barcode label strips

EIM provides series of WHITE PAPERS, or technical guides, to be used by our customers as resource tools. In our Barcode White Paper section we have added articles about specific barcodes and the applications where they are most popular. By reading through our materials, you will learn how to recognize certain codes, how to print them, and how to describe labeling terms to others!

This information includes pertinent facts and ideas we have gathered through our many years of experience in the barcode industry. We hope that this material will be useful in helping you make decisions as to what barcodes to use. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to connect with The Label Experts.

White Papers

2D Barcodes
Techy Tip – Code 128
What’s Code 39?
QR Codes: What’s the Big Deal?

Infrared Thermal Paper vs Visible Light Thermal Paper

Label Lingo – Label Layout
Label Lingo – Gaps, Repeats & Perfs
Label Lingo – Label Sensing
Label Lingo – Multi-Part Labels & Face Cuts

Techy Tip for Ladder Style Barcodes