Customer Spotlight: Labeling COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests Across the Nation

WHOA. We did not see the dramatic spike in demand from labs, biotech and health departments coming at the beginning of the year. In our three decades of making cryogenic labels for diagnostic tests and vaccines, we’ve never had to crank out so many so It’s been a year of pivots, especially for our customers who jumped into making COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Here’s what The Label Experts have been up to in 2020:

  • A client who does personalized vitamin and DNA test kits began offering Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tests. We’ve been making them barcoded ‘swab code’ cryogenic labels.
  • A health department we work with spent the summer reiterating their cryogenic barcode labels upon every reorder. At the end of summer, we finally settled on the perfect combination, a quadruple set of serialized barcodes with easy to rip perforations.
  • Set of Labels for medical useOne of our largest clients handles many walk-in clinics across a large municipality. We keep them chugging along with a cryogenic four label-set, designed to track an individual’s paperwork, test tubes, and sample bags.
  • A university client is undertaking continuous COVID-19 diagnostic testing for their student population. We’ve supplied them with multi-label sets of white plastic serialized barcode labels for testing.
  • We had been working with a lung cancer testing lab for over a decade when they transitioned to processing COVID-19 tests. They consulted their Label Expert and decided to keep using their standard order of silver Cap and Wrap® cryogenic labels for media tubes.
  • We’ve been making partially printed labels for one client’s SARS-CoV-2 Antigen test results. The blank spots allow patient specific information to be printed onsite.
  • As new testing methods develop, we’ve been looking into labeling saliva based detection tests for one customer. We’ve also started labeling SARS-CoV-2 tests that use dried blood spot technology. With dried blood spot tests, an individual pricks a small amount of blood into a special container that is then mailed to a lab.
It’s been a privilege for us to meet our customers increased supply demands this year. If you need labels for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic tests, or the accompanying paperwork, give us a shout. We’ll help you come up with the perfect labeling solution for your situation!