COVID-19 Labels & Rush Orders – Customer Spotlight

This past month, EIM has been making it a priority to rush label orders for our customers who are supporting the fight against COVID-19. We want to be here for you while you kick this virus to the curb!

Laboratory Researchers - COVID-19 Labels in useDifferent Labs, Same Fight. All need Covid-19 labels.

Recently, our laboratory and healthcare customers have been keeping us busy as they ramp up their efforts to combat COVID-19. Many of our lab customers have been working on COVID-19 diagnostic tests and vaccines—we were super excited to hear one of our long-term customers, Hologic, Inc. had been granted Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA for their new coronavirus detection test. We’re eagerly looking forward to hearing when some of our favorite lab people get the all clear for their COVID-19 vaccine—we’re hoping for multiples! In the meantime, we’ll do our best to keep all of our lab clients readily supplied with the cryogenic labels they need—fast and in high volumes.

We were also immensely excited to learn one of our customers has commenced a positive treatment study of COVID-19. Their clinical study of hundreds of patients being treated is aiming to discover why those infected have drastically different outcomes.

Manufacturers Pitch In

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We were happy to help when a medical supplies manufacturer threw up their hand and asked if we could expedite their order of direct thermal labels. They are sterilizing masks for hospitals and medical facilities in the US—the amount of masks they are processing is increasing so quickly they had no way to predict when—or how many—labels they would need, hence the expedited order.

In another interesting case, a supplier of medical waste containers needed our hardy polyester EnduraLabels ASAP. They have been providing biohazard waste containers, in-room emergency stands and labels for the safe handling of COVID-19 waste in hospitals and laboratories.

Regardless of what industry our customers are in, we’re proud to help out in any way we can as you serve people in need.

We Want to Help YOU

If your business is assisting in the fight against COVID-19, we want to support you! Call or email us and we will work to get your labels to you as quickly as possible.