Testing Labels – How? Frequently Asked Question (VIDEO)

Question: “How should I be testing labels that you sent me?”

Answer: We made this short video for you explaining how to test a label’s durability. Follow the directions,­ and you’ll have no problem assessing the samples we sent!

The most overlooked part of testing labels is waiting 24 hours between sticking the label to a surface and then trying to remove it. If it’s the right type of label for your job, after 24 hours the adhesive will successfully bond to the surface you applied it to, and your test label won’t budge.

Or in a case where a label isn’t the right choice, it may fail to bond. That’s why we always want our customers to test out labels themselves before placing an order! If we sent you a label that doesn’t work, we are committed to helping you find a label that does work for you, ASAP.

Do you have other label testing questions for The Label Experts? We’re always happy to troubleshoot issues with you, so get in touch!