High Performance Labels Support Essential Workers

Laboratory Researchers - COVID-19 Labels in use - high performance labels

Although not nearly as heralded as their human counterparts (human essential workers rule, BTW), high performance labels are also essential and play a large role in helping workers accomplish their mission. Let’s take a look at how different attributes of labels can help you work effectively:

  •  Glove-Friendly – Are your lab techs having trouble with labels sticking to their gloves? Ask about our selection of labels with glove-friendly adhesives.
  •  Color-Coded– Are you processing large amounts of vials/test tubes that could be segregated faster if they were color-coded? We can help with that.
  •  Thermally Printed – Still hand-writing labels, with essential worker’s losing precious time deciphering someone else’s penmanship? Ask about our thermal transfer and/or direct thermal printer options to see what is best suited for your organization.
  •  Durable – Is your label’s print being compromised due to chemical exposure or abrasion? Ask us about our highly durable inks and self-laminating labels.
  •  Extreme Temperatures – Are your products too hot to handle, or too cold to hold? Call The Label Experts and let our labels take control.

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsEssential workers go above and beyond the call of duty; EIM’s high performance labels make it easy for you to get there. As for inferior labels…ain’t nobody got time for that!

*According to the 2013 Essential Services Act, an essential employee is someone who performs work involving the safety of human life and the protection of property.