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Custom color coded specialty lab labelGot a big, unwieldy clinical study on your hands with extensive documentation needs? The Label Experts have you covered! Day to day, we keep our biomedical, hospital, and university clients readily supplied with cryogenic and color-coded multi-label sets that keep their labs running smoothly—but every now and then we get asked to bring our ingenuity to a seriously mega—or mega complicated—lab project. We are a made-to-order label manufacturer—that means that the lab labels you see on our site are just a fraction of the labeling options we can create for you, our laboratory clients.

Made to Order for Your Lab & Paperwork Needs

wraparound transparent laboratory vial labelSometimes innovation is prompted because of a process hitting unforeseen roadblocks. One long-time customer ran into a problem shipping sample tubes in dry ice—their labels were falling off mid transit! We recommended a wrap-around CryoLabel® that is partially clear—essentially, the label self-laminates when wrapped around itself on the sample vial.

But the challenge was in the fact that the customer also needed to keep track of the corresponding paperwork accompanying each vial. With a little creative thinking we were able to whip up the double barcode label you see here. Although it appears to be one label, it’s actually multi-label sets. It features a cut down the center of the white print block, allowing it to break into two separate labels, one to wrap around the test vial and one to stick on corresponding paperwork. Problem solved! laboratory label setSome of the most complicated lab labels we’ve created to date are for university labs conducting long term clinical studies. One long term study on heart disease processed multiple samples from the same subjects, every year, over multiple years. Each label in this set corresponds to a piece of paperwork or sample tube—one set contains 42 labels for a single study participant. Multiply that by a thousand study participants, and you have one seriously mega order of lab labels.

made to order multi part label sets for laboratories
Another in-depth study required multiple samples per study participant—we created a set of 15 vial and 27 cap labels for this laboratory.

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