Shoe Insert Labels – If the Shoe Fits: Customer Spotlight

Here at EIM, we have plenty of experience working with clinical laboratories, collegiate research facilities, diagnostic facilities, and small to large healthcare facilities. But every so often, The Label Experts are met with unique opportunities within the medical industry. Such was the case when we had the privilege to assist one of our friends in the podiatry industry with shoe insert labels for their lab.

Podiatry… What is that Again?

Feet with black shoes - shoe insert labelsWe’re glad you asked! Podiatrists use innovative engineering and synthetic materials to create custom and pre-fabricated shoe inserts and ankle braces. Their primary goal is to address biomechanical issues of  patients, to improve the alignment of their feet and ankles in an attempt to reduce pain and stress that can ultimately affect the knees, hips and back. Their products assist patients participating in serious athletics, victims of fashion (we’re looking at you stilettos) and help improve the quality of life for people experiencing pain.

Shoe Insert Labels for the Win

Click to Contact an actual person about labelsThis particular podiatry lab came to us needing to permanently identify their products. They wanted labels that could hold up to the constant abuse footwear gets. The labels needed to stay adhered so that when a customer needed a replacement, they can quickly track back in their records (via a barcode on the label) and replicate the design, expediting the process of manufacturing a replacement and thus the comfort of the patient! Our podiatry customer found EIM’s EnduraLabels to be the best solution for the task! This label’s adhesive is especially strong and bonds to a wide variety of surfaces; it can handle the constant friction inside footwear. With this durable, reliable label the podiatry lab can streamline their manufacturing processes and feel confident they have a long-lasting way to ensure patients get their exact products time and time again. We continue to work with this customer to keep innovating and finding the best solution for their podiatric applications. If your lab or healthcare business has unique labeling needs, don’t hesitate to contact The Label Experts to find a perfect solution for you!