Meet The Label Expert—Heather Bell

“People think family friendly is when you have a baby. But it can also be when you have a sick parent or grandparent or spouse. We all have these relationships that make us better people—and probably a better employee at work. But you have to invest in them, make those connections and take care of them. And if you have a job that doesn’t let you do that, then that’s going to constantly be a battle.” Mother with son on boat

One of the most gratifying parts of Heather’s job as Vice President of EIM is making it the kind of place where balancing personal priorities of having a family, having parents you have to care for, having a sick spouse—isn’t always in competition with doing your work. Heather relishes taking something that’s implied when you say “family friendly” and turning it into actual company policies employees get to use every day. “It’s a constant challenge. I’m trying to balance what the business needs with individuals with complex lives. But it’s really gratifying because I think that’s the kind of workplace that this company in its DNA was meant to be.”

Although a significant part of Heather’s role as is ensuring EIM is a family friendly workplace—implementing Mother and sons on playground policies doesn’t even begin to describe what she gets up to on a day to day basis! Heather is also keeping a constant read on industry trends, economic forecasts, HR standards and developments in intellectual property law, in addition to fostering banking relationships, and working to keep company policies and benefits up to date!

Before taking on her current role at Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. Heather Bell was a Professor and then Associate Dean at Landmark College. “At Landmark I learned that I really love teaching,” Heather remarks. “I love helping people discover what they’re good at—to really find a passion or career of their own here. And it’s a constant process. You find something you feel pretty good at it…and then after a couple years, you’re like, Alright, what’s up next? I like the whole process of guiding someone through that.”

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