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The Importance of Piggyback Labels: Enhancing Efficiency & Organization in Healthcare 

Discover how piggyback labels optimize efficiency and address specific healthcare industry challenges in this month’s Customer Spotlight!  We recently had the pleasure of working with a small, family-focused neonatology pharmaceutical company in New York. As a leader in creating critically important products for treating premature infants, their mission is to improve outcomes for premature babies […]

Shoe Insert Labels – If the Shoe Fits: Customer Spotlight

Here at EIM, we have plenty of experience working with clinical laboratories, collegiate research facilities, diagnostic facilities, and small to large healthcare facilities. But every so often, The Label Experts are met with unique opportunities within the medical industry. Such was the case when we had the privilege to assist one of our friends in […]

10 Unique Uses for Clear Labels

Here at EIM, we are used to making labels with some quite elaborate, and sometimes flashy designs. But sometimes, customers need a label that is a little less eye catching and a little more practical. This is where clear labels come into the spotlight. These labels can do almost anything a regular label can, while […]