Meet The Label Experts—April Leighton

Label Expert April

Meet April, our Marketing Coordinator and an employee you might know better than you think. If you have read one of our previous blogs or received an email from us, there’s a good chance April wrote it. She works in the marketing department and creates a lot of the content you see on our website and social media. Since being hired in 2016, April has worn a lot of hats at EIM.

April was initially hired as a part-time office clerk for the Sales/Marketing Departments and her main role was handling sample requests, making sure customers received the proper material samples to test at their location. Because the materials used for labels is crucial to their success, ensuring that customers across the world receive the correct sample is no small task. Over time we were able to streamline the sampling process, leaving more time for April to take on other projects.

When she was hired, April already knew she wanted to get more involved in creating content for EIM. Outside of her work hours, she was operating her own marketing business, providing copywriting services to local small businesses. When asked what it was about marketing that she enjoyed, she said, “Creating stuff, getting to be creative while meeting your goals marketing-wise.” This creative mindset coupled with her ability to get the job done made her a perfect fit for EIM. By 2018 she was a full-time Marketing Assistant and in 2020 she became our sole Content Specialist, before moving on to Marketing Coordinator in 2023.

You will also see April’s fingerprints all over our most recent company videos. Last year, when we were in need of a person to take over video production, April stepped up. It certainly was no small task to write a script, plan the shots, cast the roles, coordinate the schedules of 16 employees, and then source and edit the video’s audio tracks. She cited this project as one of her greatest challenges in recent years, but noted it was extremely fun and rewarding to create a video from start to finish, with help from her coworker and sister, Digital PrePress Technician Briana, both filming and editing footage. Check out the awesome video here!

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Outside of her work at EIM, April enjoys spending time with her friends and family, especially at local coffee shops around New England. She loves to read, write, act, and make films. In fact, she was a background actor in a local independent film during the pandemic! We’ll be on the lookout for her name on the silver screen someday, but until then, be on the lookout for more of April’s work on our blog and Youtube page in the coming year!

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