Cryogenic Labels for Dental Research

Having a reliable way to label samples is a must for research laboratories of all types. Hearing about the research our labels are a part of is one of the greatest perks of being a Label Expert. Recently we’ve been working closely with a University who were kind enough to fill us in on their lab’s focus, craniofacial research.

The Importance of Craniofacial Research

Rubber gloves holding dental tools working on a patients orthodontic equipment

Craniofacial research, is research pertaining to the health of your face and/or head. This University’s research is aimed at assessing how dental diseases and disorders can have a drastic effect on overall health.

The most common craniofacial health problems that people run into, are cavities and periodontal diseases. These situations are usually easily addressed by your dentist, and aren’t cause for concern. However, we’ve come to realize that tooth and gum problems can affect your overall health―from diabetes, heart disease, strokes, osteoporosis and much more. Craniofacial research gives us insight on how the escalation of minor craniofacial issues can be avoided.

Cryogenic Labels for Research Laboratories

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In order to make sure that a specimen doesn’t end up in a pile of useless samples―a clear, concise, structured and reliable labeling system had to be implemented. This research lab’s labels needed to adhere onto cryogenic vials, and would have to withstand ultra-cold storage temperatures. For their application, EIM’s specially-engineered white CryoLabel® was ideal. To make their process work smoothly, we print their small labels for them, typically in roll sets with 2D Data matrix and Code 128 barcodes. They come on easy-to-handle small rolls, with perforations so they are easy to tear off and use.

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