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Removable and reusuable warehouse label

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Scanning Distance Comparison spreadsheet

Scanning Distance – What Determines it for Your Label? (VIDEO)

What distance will your label be able to scan from? How will your label size, the length of your barcode, and different materials affect your maximum scanning distance? Who’s going to help you take all these factors into consideration, to create the perfect labels? The Label Experts are here to make working with scanning distance […]

Assortment of barcoded warehouse rack and totem warehouse rack labels with totem labels

Totem Labels – What Are They?

Let’s talk warehouse inventory management: If you’ve received warehouse samples lately, there’s a good chance there was a totem labels option in the selection (If you haven’t gotten your hands on some, request samples!). They’re a crowd pleaser among our warehouse customers for a reason, they make inventory management a breeze. What are Totem Labels? […]

Flammable warning sds labels

SDS Labels – Are Your MSDS Updated to SDS?

As of June 1, 2015, OSHA requires all chemical manufacturers, distributors and/or importers to comply with the Hazard Communication Standard which means all old MSDS must be converted to the new GHS-compliant safety data sheets (SDSs). The new SDS requires a uniform format consisting of 16 Sections, headings and appropriate information under each heading. Like […]

Warehouse racks filled with boxes - warehouse location labels

Box Labeling – Not All Corrugated Boxes Are Created Equal

For most of us, the term “corrugated boxes” makes one think of a brown paper board material with rippled channels that resemble ribbon candy between two pieces of paper. Paper boxes should be relatively easy to label, right? WRONG! Unlike writing papers and paper labels where print quality is crucial and standards are higher, corrugate […]

Cartons of blueberries

Retro Reflective Labels and Blueberries

Produce distribution requires inventory storage, inventory storage requires a widespread warehouse and a widespread warehouse requires barcode labels that can scan long distance. For sizable warehouse applications, retro-reflective labels are the way to go. The family owned enterprise that we work with is responsible for importing produce, storing it, and distributing it to local stores (where you […]

White Barcoded removable and reusable label with barcode and product name affixed to warehouse shelving with reusable labels

Removable Labels – EverPeel® for Ever-Changing Needs (VIDEO)

You won’t believe it! We actually offer a product where you don’t have to keep buying labels. Don’t re-label – remove and reuse your labels! EverPeel® reusable and removable labels will permanently stick to all types of surfaces and yet they will cleanly remove to be applied over and over again. Call them what you […]

White retro reflective label with large barcode affixed to warehouse shelving

New Retro Hits the Racks!

Over the years, we have seen many variations in retro-reflective labels. The entire concept of using reflective films stems from their original use on metal highway signage, but those engineering-grade (or tougher) materials had course, bumpy finishes created from large beads of glass key to reflecting light. They are great for silk screening words and […]

Barcoded warehouse floor label with clear protective shield affixed to cement floor

FloorCode™ Streamline Makes Floor Labeling Easy, Affordable

Sometimes there is no choice but to put location identification on the floor. Ideally the boss wants to use barcodes as they make tracking his goods so much easier, faster and more accurate. But just how does he go about labeling the floor? He’s tried labels that you have to lay down with two-part epoxy. […]

Warehouse shelves filled with boxes - fifo labels


Need to track inventory? EIM’s inventory FIFO Labels can help! Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he living, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to mix my bread! Every time we think about FIFO―the method of organizing and manipulating data relative to time and prioritization―we can’t help […]

white label with data matrix 2d barcode affixed to a cement wall

2D Barcode Labels – Out with Retro, In with 2D

One of our customers is a perfect example of adjusting to change and they are using new technology to help them continue their growth well into the future. They needed a way to keep track of everything coming and going in their dockside warehouses. With millions of dollars of goods, they wanted a way to […]

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