Removable Labels – EverPeel® for Ever-Changing Needs (VIDEO)

You won’t believe it! Removable labels! Reusable Labels! We actually offer a product where you don’t have to keep buying labels.

EverPeel reusable and removable labels product logo

Don’t re-label – remove and reuse your labels! EverPeel® reusable and removable labels will permanently stick to all types of surfaces and yet they will cleanly remove to be applied over and over again. Call them what you will…removable, repositionable, re-useable… these labels will save you time and money (something we could ALL use more of!) having to replace labels.

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Our white EverPeel® is a thermal transfer plastic that is great for warehouse rack and bin labels, retail POS labels or coupons, furniture and cabinet labels, window and mirror decals, work-in-process labels, and instruction labels to name a few possibilities. EverPeel® labels will permanently adhere to most types of substrates – including paper, metal and plastic as well as challenging surfaces like wax, textured PVC or Teflon, and yet these labels will even cleanly remove from glass! You could call them “permanently removable” labels because they definitely have long-term removability which comes in handy when you decide to switch things up.

If you would like to learn more about new EverPeel® removable labels or get samples, contact our Label Experts for assistance.