Our Top 5 Cold Temp Labels that Can Really Take the Chill

frozen vials with color-coding Cryogenic tubes in a cryogenic freezer, with outreached orange glove attempting to handle frozen vials with cryolabel

With these cold temperature labels, you can navigate the icy terrain with ease, knowing that your labeling needs are taken care of. Get ready to conquer the cold and stay organized with our curated selection of labels that are built to endure the chill.

Surviving cold temperatures requires knowledge – the bone-chilling cold can be unforgiving. As temperatures drop, it is crucial to have labels that can endure these extreme conditions. Finding labels that adhere to various surfaces, such as plastic, metal, or glass, can be difficult, especially in harsh environments.

However, fret not, for The Label Experts have done the challenging work for you! We have compiled a list of the top 5 cold temperature labels that can withstand even the harshest freezing conditions. These labels have been tested and proven to weather extremely cold settings. This ensures that your essential information remains visible and intact, staying stuck even in colder temperatures.

Cold Temp Labels for Warehouse Racking and More

Imagine organizing an event in cold temperatures or labeling products in a frigid warehouse. In cold temperatures, traditional labels may not adhere to surfaces. Our specialty cold temperature labels ensure secure adhesion in refrigerator conditions. You can rely on these labels to remain in place, providing crucial information and ensuring efficient organization.

568 White Cold Temp Film White Cold Temp Film labels are the perfect solution for organizing your warehouse racking in chilly environments. Crafted specifically for cold-temperature applications, these labels are a must-have for any storage facility looking to optimize efficiency and maintain impeccable organization.

Labels for Freezer Conditions

Say goodbye to the days of uncertainty when looking for labels that can withstand freezing temperatures. Check out our most popular labels for freezer conditions. These labels are made to endure and excel in frigid environments, proving their sturdiness and reliability.

668 – Freez-R-MarkTM This plastic label has a glossy finish and a strong adhesive that can bond to flexible packaging, as well as varnished or waxed corrugated materials even in freezing temperatures. It is perfect for applying labels at room temperature and then subjecting them to -40ºF blast freezing. The plastic adheres to surfaces that are frosty or moist and works well on textured surfaces.

Our CryoLabel® Suite for Extreme Low Temperatures

Don’t worry about bone-chilling temperatures anymore thanks to our CryoLabel® Suite. These labels are designed for cryogenic environments, ensuring that they remain intact during freezing and thawing cycles.

667 CryoLabel® The CryoLabel® is a flexible label that is perfect for use on test tubes in fields such as genetics, virology, and microbiology. It withstands extremely cold temperatures and is resistant to moisture, smudging, and tearing.

685 Clear CryoLabel® Our Clear CryoLabel® is a durable plastic label that withstands cryogenic temperatures and tough surfaces. It has a high-tack adhesive that works well in liquid nitrogen and adheres to surfaces with small diameters or textures.

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267 Direct Thermal CryoLabel® This synthetic label offers excellent resistance to moisture, oils, and other substances. It bonds to a wide variety of surfaces over a broad temperature range using an adhesive that withstands extremely cold temperatures.

Can I Print Cold Temp Labels at My Facility?

If you need to print cold temperature labels on your own premises, The Label Experts are here to help you. We are committed to guiding you through the entire process, providing you with our knowledge and expertise in the field. Our team is here to help you choose the right materials, printing techniques, and designs for your cold temperature labels. We will analyze your requirements and provide the best solution to ensure your labels remain visible even in the toughest cold environments.

Don’t let cold temperatures interfere with your labeling goals. Reach out to us today and take control of your labeling needs.