Years of Dedication at EIM: A Journey of 19 Years and Counting

Veronica and I met for coffee on a cold New England winter morning. Knowing I was about to take in a day in the life of Electronic Imaging Material’s Production Planning Coordinator, I went for my usual double espresso. Veronica, on the other hand, decided to switch things up with a new latte flavor to sip while she told me about her role. I soon learned that for Veronica, “switching things up” is an expression of her endless curiosity, and it is this compelling reason that has kept her loyal to EIM for 19 years and counting.  

Label Expert Veronica Norman

In 2004, Veronica joined EIM as an operator for our first digital press. With time, she mastered the operation of all our printing presses and was always eager to lend a helping hand wherever needed. Not only did Veronica take charge of organizing the tools used for cutting labels, but she also took on the task of maintaining our tool library. Her talents and commitment to learning propelled her to the position of Lead Production Supervisor. Since 2004, she has held the Production Planning Coordinator position. 

As a Production Planning Coordinator, Veronica encounters a wide range of tasks daily, ensuring that her work is never dull. Working from home, she relishes starting her day bright and early, usually around 6:30 or 7 AM. Her first order of business is to schedule tickets for the Production Team, a process that can be quite intricate due to the unique nature of each order. Luckily, Veronica has a trusty feline coworker named Margaret, who diligently oversees her work at every step. 

Veronica’s role is to outline the entire process of an order for Production. This enables the company to maintain an efficient running schedule.  “Every job comes with its specific requirements, including materials, tools, and attention to detail, such as the customer’s barcode numbering sequence,” she explained. After the Purchasing Department allocates the necessary materials, Veronica schedules a press. She ensures their compatibility with materials and also orders new tools if needed.  

When asked about the most challenging aspect of her job, Veronica highlights the task of assessing all the variables that come into play with each order. “Nothing at EIM can simply fit into one box.” With the introduction of new presses come more unique variables. Another challenge Veronica describes is navigating changes with our vendors. For example, our company’s tooling vendor went through a buyout, resulting in changes to the services provided. Instead of receiving a quote within an hour, it now can take up to 2 days. “This variable has been a new speedbump that required adjustment in our process.” 

Before joining EIM, Veronica worked as a press operator in a plastics manufacturing company. However, she faced a significant setback when she lost some fingertips while on the job. Despite this, Veronica’s passion for sewing remained undeterred. She adapted her tailoring techniques to suit her remaining digits, boldly declaring that “fingers are overrated.” 

Electronic Imaging Materials Label Expert Veronica Norman

Apart from her sewing skills, Veronica has a keen interest in studying herbal medicine. In 2015, she earned her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, with a focus on environmental sustainability. She finds joy in all things nature, whether it’s tending her garden, walking in the woods, or delving into a book on the healing properties of plants. 

Veronica loves working with EIM. She is continually impressed with the innovative labeling solutions we provide for our customers. More notably, “EIM has always been supportive of personal growth,” she remarks, “and that is most significant for me.”  Veronica’s curiosity has kept her engaged and motivated during her time with the company.  

Coffees finished, we tidy up our area and bid each other farewell. It’s time for Veronica to report back to Margaret and get those orders scheduled on the press! 

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