Making Physical Distancing Labels Fun with Help from Our Furry Friends

“Please keep six feet apart,” a key piece of the new reality of safe business practices. However your business is communicating safe social distancing practices, we hope you’re keeping it fun. As a proud participant of Keene Safe, a local safety initiative calling on businesses to implement safety measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, The Label Experts decided to communicate safety expectations within our building with—what else?—labels! Please stand 2 Maddies apart label Please stand 3 Vaders apart label One of our graphic designers had the creative intuition to add a personal touch to communicating safety expectations. Since “six feet apart” is emblazoned on everyone’s minds these days, she decided to change it up by asking coworkers to submit photos of their favorite furry coworkers to be featured on our physical distancing floor labels.

Originally designed for heavily trafficked warehouses, the pandemic has transformed our popular floor labels into a product utilized on the floors of businesses and retail establishments everywhere. Our durable FloorCodeTM Streamline is perfectly suited to help our customers custom print and protect their COVID-19 safety labels from the wear and tear of everyday people traffic, ensuring your safety reminders stay intact.Ask a real person

One thing’s for sure—you can count on The Label Experts for help both designing and printing all your COVID-19 safety warning labels!