Food Distribution Labels – Keeping it Fresh

When you snack on a fresh carrot or open a can of tomatoes, do you think about how those tasty fruits and vegetables traveled to you? We do!

Some of the biggest names in your refrigerator rely on labels from EIM. From the fields where veggies are grown to warehouses to your local grocery store, our labels are involved in every stage of the food distribution process. We support customers in food distribution all around the world, including some of the biggest producers and distributors clustered in California’s Central Valley.

Fresher Tomatoes with Hot Fill Labels

Tomatoes: this tasty fruit goes from fields to cans in less than five hours, so it can keep that fresh from the field flavor locked in. Tomatoes packaged by a hot fill method have their shelf life extended by 6 or even 12 months—and that’s where we come in. Because hot filling causes containers to expand as they are filled and then contract as they return to room temperature, it can cause a label to wrinkle, bubble or flag as it’s moved by a container’s expansion and contraction. We make labels perfect for the hot fill approach that can adjust to the surface changes of heating and cooling containers.

Once your tomatoes are labeled, canned, and packed, its off to the truck for shipping all over the world!

Ask a real personLabels to Keep Food Distribution on Track

Food logistics can be challenging—it takes a carrot roughly 150 days to grow but consumer demand can double overnight! We help keep food deliveries on track with retro-reflective warehouse labels. Retro-reflective material is the same kind of reflective material found on street signs and is a great choice when scanning from a long distance. This makes  it easy for warehouse workers to get the right delivery to the right customer. Made-to-order by our Label Experts, these durable labels can be printed right next to the warehouse shelves by you, providing endless customization right where it’s needed.

We take great pleasure in helping farmers and food distributors across the country and the world. Whether you’re a giant food distributer, a cooperative or small producer—drop The Label Experts a line for help setting up new labels for packaging or food distribution. Want to learn more about our cold-chain logistics labels?