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Barcoded warehouse floor label with clear protective shield affixed to cement floor

Warehouse Floor Labels

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Effective & Efficient Floor Labeling

Our thinnest floor labeling solutions yet, FloorCode™ Streamline Shields & FloorCode™ Streamline 1787.

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Barcoded warehouse floor label with clear protective shield affixed to cement floor

You Print or We Print

We offer two highly customizable FloorCode™ Streamline options: Streamline Shields or Streamline 1787. Choose Streamline Shields to cover labels you already have or are printing in-house. Or simplify the process with our preprinted & shielded all-in-one labels, Streamline 1787!

Designed for High Traffic Warehouses

Our FloorCode™ Streamline options provide a reliable solution—without damaging your floors. Its high-impact resistant makeup can handle the rigors of extreme traffic and heavy equipment, while its thin profile reduces the likelihood of pallets catching the edges. The Streamline Shield is made from powerhouse plastic polycarbonate—making it one of our strongest options available.

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bullet Customizable sizes & shapes
bullet Easy to clean—just wipe off dirt & grime
bullet Ultra-thin profile makes it less likely to catch, or be easily ripped up
bullet Easy to install & cost effective to replace
bullet Wide service temperature range allows for freezer storage conditions

Choose Your FloorCode™ Streamline Option

Material Label Options for FloorCode™
787 Shields If you already have your own labels or plan to print your own, get our Streamline Shields. The shield’s clear, velvet finish reduces glare & makes it easy to scan your barcodes. Ask The Label Experts about blank labels & barcode printers. Request Samples to Test
1787 All-in-One Labels If you need preprinted labels & shields to protect them, skip a step & get our all-in-one, ready to go Streamline 1787. It’s a label AND a polycarbonate Streamline Shield laminated together & ready to use. Request Samples to Test

*For optimal results, DO NOT use Direct Thermal labels with your FloorCode™ Streamline shields.

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