Warehouse Floor Labels

FloorCode™ Lite

Do more with your floor!

Warehouses around the country (and globe!) have made up their minds. No more drilling or splitting open your floor for a decent solution. FloorCode™ Lite floor labels do the same job as metal plated floor labels–except at much less cost and hassle.

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Need some samples?Rugged Vinyl Shields

Each floor label is protected by a thin yet durable shield made of clear vinyl film. They’re designed with tapered edges that won’t lift up after heavy contact and abrasion with forklifts and machinery. Special rubberized adhesive allows for application on most floors, even cold temperature conditions.

FloorCode Lite Floor Labels

Easy Installation

No more ladders or power drills. FloorCode™ Lite floor labels do the same job as hanging location tags or metal plated floor labels without the expense and effort. It’s as simple as clean, stick, and cover.

Custom Printed Labels and Shield Sizes

Shields are available in popular 4.00″ x 6.00″ size and custom cuts are available. We provide permanent blank or pre-printed labels with barcodes, graphics, and color, or shields as a standalone if you already have labels.

The next time your warehouse floor needs identification, do it right with FloorCode™ Lite.

Material Label Options for FloorCode™ Lite
#628 White EnduraLabel floors, even with cracks and porous conditions. Works in cold and freezer warehouses also. Request Samples to Test
#381 Silver Retro-Reflective Durable polyester material for long-range scanning and barcode reading. Makes it possible to scan your floor labels without leaving the forklift seat! Request Samples to Test
Electronic Imaging Materials