Highlighting Excellence in Education

EIM is always looking for ways to strengthen our school districts and surrounding communities as an investment for our future generations. That’s why we are proud to highlight how our local school district SAU 29 has awarded, for the 5th year in a row, The Lisa K. Henkel Award for Excellence in Inclusion. This award is given to a classroom teacher or teaching team that has demonstrated significant effort in aiding students with disabilities within a regular curriculum. This year’s winner is Lisa Munroe, a Fuller Elementary School teacher right here in Keene! Lisa K. Henkel in front of a blue backdrop

Keene High School also awards The Lisa Henkel Memorial Scholarship to a student who shows promise for achievement at the secondary level.

Lisa K. Henkel (pictured) was the sister of EIM’s president Alex Henkel, and worked as an Adaptive Technology Assistant at Keene State College, where she was skillful in coordinating learning materials to accommodate visually impaired students. Her scholarship benefits a student who has demonstrated a willingness to work hard at his or her studies and has a concern for the well-being of the community. Special consideration is given to a student who has shown significant improvement in mathematics or has shown an interest in successfully living with disabilities through personal experience, peer interaction, or future plans.

Congratulations are in order for recent Keene High graduate and now Keene State College student, Collin Seksinsky! This award was presented in June to Collin, who was described by his guidance counselor as “one of the most honest and intelligent young people I know” who “aspires to teach history at the high school or college level in the future, a perfect match based on his caring nature and sheer intelligence.”Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labels

In an interesting coincidence, the independent committee selected Collin, who happens to be the younger brother of one of our long-time Keene High co-op students, Drue Seksinsky. Drue worked at EIM for two years, and Collin was even a visitor to a company picnic. We’re proud of both brothers’ achievements and excited about their potential for the future.

Congratulations to both Mrs. Munroe and Collin! We wish both recipients the best of luck with their future educational endeavors.