Inventory Labels Solving Asset Management with Ease

If you’re reading this, you probably know what it’s like when you need to go to the DMV, post office, or another government facility. Sign this, answer that, wait seven weeks, fill this out and send it back. Really? Does sending a pair of socks to your favorite aunt for Christmas have to be so difficult? With all of the bureaucracy and seemingly painstaking work that is necessary for so many programs, it is no wonder government facilities need help keeping track of all their important documents and assets with inventory labels. That’s precisely where The Label Experts fit in!White and blue asset label with barcode and "property of EIMINC" Inventory labels

One of our most popular label materials is our #640 durable white polyester. It’s most commonly used for asset tracking and inventory management, but also features incredible versatility for numerous uses due to its rugged durability. They’re built to last—our customers love the convenience. Slap a label on it and forget it!

The Label Experts received a request to help a government service agency that needed a reliable supply of one label material that would stick to multiple surfaces. This agency states in their handbook that all new assets are required to be tagged within fifteen days. These assets could be anything, from document paperwork to computer accessories or chairs, and they all need a label. They’ve been happy to find our #640 asset material sticks to all of their labeling surfaces. In turn, they have been referring other government facilities to us for many years.Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labels

With these asset labels, The Label Experts have helped keep things in order for facilities all around the country. So the next time you’re standing in line at the DMV, waiting to renew your license, think positively! You’ll be out in no time, and even better, asset management means you won’t have to go back…until the next time.

Ask The Label Experts to send you free asset labels to test for your inventory management.