Why Should I Scan My Barcodes Before I Buy Them?

Are you sending us barcodes to print? We generally advise all of our customers to scan their proofs! Some customers have trouble properly scanning and approving their barcodes before placing an order, causing some mix-ups between the specifications and what we create. Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution and plenty of ways to do it. After you place an order for labels with barcodes, we create and send you a PDF proof of your printed labels. Those barcodes are 100% ready to scan, so scan ’em! Doing this will ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need embedded in your barcodes, and not just in the text underneath.

figure of a barcode scanner scanning a barcode But wait! How do you scan the barcode? You can take the proof to your production line or use a spare barcode scanner from your facility. If you don’t have a scanner available, use a free barcode scanning application on your cell phone (try searching “barcode scanner” in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store). As long as you can read what’s actually embedded in the barcode, you can approve your labels.

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We know what you’re thinking. “Shouldn’t the Label Experts be making sure my barcodes are correct anyway?” And you’re right. Every proof is carefully studied by our experts at Proof Central, where every print job is reviewed before being made. We also do our best to advise our customers of ideal barcode creation tips. However, between complex technicalities and labels being passed through multiple hands (resellers to end-users), specifications can sometimes get lost in translation. This is why we always provide a pre-production proof for your review. We are fully committed to complete accuracy and reliability.

So next time you get your proof and love it, double check! Scan your barcodes to make sure you’re completely satisfied, and The Label Experts will take care of the rest.