Car Wash Labels: Customer Spotlight

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Are you part of a business? You may find you need labels for very specific applications. One of your worries might be that you think your needs are too niche, and that these types of labels don’t exist, like car wash labels, for instance. Never fear: The Label Experts are your specialists!

Have you ever used customer loyalty cards at your favorite shops? You know, after 10 coffee purchases you’ll get a free one? We’ve worked with two car washes that asked for labels to go on the inside of car windows for similar use, but each made with a different material.

Car Wash Labels x2

Car windshieldOne car wash wanted a label that would be easy to remove, and the other business wanted them permanently fixed. For the removable solution, we provided Everpeel® labels that feature a semi-permanent adhesive bond. This allowed customers to remove the label if they so choose, but it wouldn’t be so weak as to fall off while subjected to heat or colder temperatures. For the permanent solution, we sold a more aggressive label with security slits. Their reasoning was to prevent customers switching the labels between multiple cars. Pesky freeloaders!

We were able to supply both car washes with their similar yet different labels, customized with their requested printing and barcodes, with little trouble! Long story short: don’t worry if you think that the labels that you need are too specific. EIM exists to make sure you have the exact labels that you need, when you need them.