TSC Printers: A Budget-Friendly Way to Barcode

In homage to one of company’s slogans―”We Make Barcoding Easy”―we are excited to introduce EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE additions to our label printer family. And when we say “affordable” we are talking prices that will knock your socks off!
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TSC Printer label printer printing a label But don’t let the low prices scare you… we are talking about durable, reliable models made by TSC Auto-ID Technology. Many people may not realize it, but TSC is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Auto-ID industry and actually has a 20+ year legacy of excellence going back to the early 1990s when they helped develop the first LP-TLP Eltron printers.  They are so sure of their quality, easy-to-use design, and low ownership costs that they offer an unmatched TWO-YEAR WARRANTY and a “no-questions-asked” 30 Day Return policy.

And don’t worry – even if the thought of integrating barcodes into your life completely terrifies you ― these units can stop those nerves in their tracks. This is one of, if not THE easiest, ways to get into barcoding… so put on your geek caps and join us!

What we are talking about are simple-to-use, easily upgradeable TSC Desktop Printers. These units are perfect for entry-level, low-volume, high-performance label printing. They are sure to help you get printing labels in no time!

Besides a great price, what makes the TDP-247 Series printers so great are features like:

• High-quality, space-saving, double-walled clamshell design • Easy label (or tag) and ribbon loading

• Fast 200 MHz processors

• 4 MB Flash/8 MB SDRAM Memory with a SD card reader for memory expansion up to 4 GB

• Four standard interfaces – USB 2.0, Serial, Parallel―AND ETHERNET!!!!

• Powerful firmware: TSPL-EZ™ file manager, BASIC programming, stand-alone programming

• 2-year Printer Warranty (oh sorry, did we already mention that?!)

• 1-year or 1 million inches Print Head Warranty

• Options include: Peel & Present, Cutters, Bluetooth, 802.11 Wireless, External Media Hanger, and two choices of Keyboards.

And those are just some of the key features! When you add to that the fact that they come with easy-to-use, out-of-the-box BarTender® Basic UltraLite, you’ll have full label design capabilities for text, graphics, barcodes, and most serializing. You can also easily upgrade BarTender® to work from databases or to network multiple printers. Free 30-Day BarTender® DEMO.

With strong Printer/Software packages like this, you can print labels for all kinds of applications like point-of-sale, product marking, receipt/coupon printing, compliance labeling, asset tracking, document management, shipping/receiving, specimen labeling, inventory control, and patient tracking (to name just a few).

So – now that you’ve discovered just how easy barcoding and labeling can be – we hope you won’t be shy. Rather, we hope you will wear your geek caps with us – loud and proud!