Clear Your Cable Label Headache with Wrap-N-Vu® Labels

red wire with white barcoded cable label

Have you ever tried to wrap something around a cable? The circumference usually doesn’t have much girth, so the process can be frustrating. The same can be said for trying to identify wires with labels. Thankfully, the Label Experts provide a convenient way to alleviate this headache.

Wrap-N-Vu® Self-Laminating Cable Labels wrap completely around cables and wires and protect printed information with a clear overlaminate. They’re made with a thin, flexible, clear polyester that includes a blank white print block for easy printing and excellent contrast. These labels are available on rolls for thermal transfer printing or on sheets for laser and inkjet printing. They’re durable and resistant, protecting printing against UV, water, abrasion, chemicals, and solvents.

Wrap-N-Vu® in Action

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Wrap-N-Vu® is the perfect solution for a specialized server company that we’ve worked with over the years. At several points during our business relationship with them, they installed computer servers and required labels to mark the ends of their various cables. This customer found their needs were aptly met with LJSL5-Y3-1 cable labels. They also found that our services were more cost-effective compared to other label companies.

No one should have to endure the annoying toil of putting a tiny label on wires until their fingertips get sticky. If you’re reading this and your company needs of some affordable, easy to apply cable labels, look no further than EIM for your labeling needs!