Benefits of an Internship

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsSome students may think that an internship is a waste of time when they are learning everything they need to know in the classroom. But I say that is wrong. An internship gives so much more than a classroom setting can ever offer. The main advantage of an internship is the on-hand training in a particular field that occurs with being out of the classroom setting.

An internship is advantageous because it is in a business setting which allows the student to use the knowledge that they gained in the classroom towards practical applications. Not only do they put into practice the information and skills developed in the classroom, but they learn other skills not taught in the classroom, like particular shortcuts used in the specific industry, like electronics or accounting.  Being in a business setting also gives the student “real-world” experience that enhances the student’s resume. This in turn, makes the student more marketable and increases their chances at being hired directly after graduation.

Another advantage to being in a business setting is that it allows the student to decide what career path they may, or may not, want to pursue after graduation. By going into a specific sector of the business world, a student can decide if they really want to pursue a career in that sector. This is exceptionally helpful, especially when the student does not really know what direction they want to head after graduation. An internship can act as a type of map for the student when it comes to picking a career.

For all these reasons, I have decided to pursue an internship at Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. (EIM). It is a business setting with diverse opportunities. Not only would I be able to work on writing in a journalistic style for professional purpose, but I would also be able to work with computer software, electronics, customer service and other management tasks. This will greatly benefit me since I am one of those students who do not quite know in what direction to head after graduation. Also this will also me to develop a wide range of skills that will be applicable to many different sectors of business and industry. Overall, an internship with EIMINC would be professionally beneficial to me no matter what career I decide to pursue upon graduation.

EIM is fortunate to be located in a college town where we can utilize local students to fill temporary positions in marketing, sales and production. Students offer a fresh perspective and a wide variety of excellent skills to help us handle special projects. We have found interns to be invaluable with backgrounds in graphic design, chemistry, management, communications and marketing, to name just a few talents. Fortunately, we have also had several students decide to stay on with us full time after graduation. 

The article above was written by one of those interns. She was a particularly impressive Keene State College student that came to us with an eagerness to write and help us with our Bolt Newsletter. She had written this piece about Internships as part of her application. Since leaving EIM, she has gone on to graduate with a Business Management degree and has had the opportunity to apply a variety of skills she has learned in marketing, sales, writing and business services.