Clothing Labels for Designer Samples – Customer Spotlight

Loaning out fancy designer duds? Better have some barcode clothing labels to keep track of it all!

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsBelieve or not, an A-list celebrity was caught red-handed by the paparazzi with barcode labels still stuck to the bottom of her heels at a Red Carpet event! The fact is that celebrities don’t always buy their gowns and accessories for special occasions. (Sorry if this deflates your image of the rich and famous.) Many times those garments are on loan from the designers knowing they will get a lot of orders simply because the celebrities will be photographed and the designers will be mentioned countless times. Sometimes the celebrities are even paid to wear those show pieces.

Gold colored high heels with labels To have a label on the bottom of your shoe photographed would probably embarrass many superstars, but clothing labels are so fashion-forward, we’d like to think the paparazzi were intentionally taking pictures of them for us! After all, barcode labels are the best way for ensuring celebrities get the correct garments (in the right size and color), the most impressive jewelry, and matching shoes when and where they need them! Barcodes are little tracking devices that deserve their 15 minutes of fame, even if it’s on the bottom of a gorgeous pair of stylish heels!

These “digital designer labels” as we’ll call them, contain barcodes used by PR companies and stylists so they can easily track the thousands of garments and accessories lent out to celebrities for their thousands of appearances – where you KNOW they can’t be caught dead wearing the same thing twice! Barcode labels have to be a boon for the fashion industry as we can only imagine how easily items can be misplaced, packed in the wrong luggage, flown to the wrong city, etc. It has to be a nightmare!

One of our customers came up with a terrific remedy, replacing old time-consuming inventory methods by developing a web-based suite of software that gives fashion professionals the ability to quickly and easily communicate.  Barcode labels and scanners now manage designer samples sent out around the globe tracking their location, who had them last and where they are going. This software can also help organize special events and provide a virtual showroom of designer fashions. Through these invaluable programs, top brands and PR firms benefit from streamlined processes from design creation to press releases and beyond.

To work on a variety of clothes and other accouterments, this company chose to use a couple of types of labels made with 547 Plastic which has an extra-aggressive adhesive to bond to a variety of tough surfaces.  These lucky labels now go behind the scenes as stars in photo shoots and celebrity appearances all over the globe. They prefer not to be in the limelight, however— they’re kind of camera shy and are actually a fashion faux pas for celebrities to show off. They are happy tobe part of an incredible digital solution that connects the fashion industry. Fashions and celebrities may come and go, but barcode labels sure make it a whole lot easier to keep track of them!