10 Ways We Use Our Own Labels

If you walked into your favorite bakery, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a baker partaking in a fresh baked chocolate-chip cookie. While the products we produce aren’t edible and don’t involve chocolate (much to our dismay), from time to time we also do enjoy the fruits of our own labor. We’re talking about finding uses for the labels we manufacture. Below is a list of some of the strangest (and surprisingly effective) uses that we’ve found for our own products:

1. Tyvek label material to repair an embarrassing pants rip (check out the jeans before the fix)

Ripped jeans

2. EnduraLabel to keep a broken car bumper attached

3. Iridescent Retro-reflective labels on ice-fishing tip-up flags

4. A laminated label to mark ski boots (bragging rights: this label has stayed put for 30+ years!)

Ski boots with name and phone number label
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5. EverPeel to keep the end of sample label rolls from unraveling

6. Retro reflective labels in place of tape, to wrap holiday presents

7. Vibrantly colored test material to craft a torch for our 2018 Olympic Games

8. Printed labels to help Meg send a message to her roommates about personal property

9. An industrial strength label to patch a leaky roof (two years, still going strong)

10. Whatever labels we can find to ‘slap a label on it’, (see music video here)  

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