Labels Customer Service Rep Emily – Meet The Label Experts

“I didn’t realize how complicated—but also kind of fun—labels can be.”

Our labels Customer Service Rep Lead, Emily, brings a long history of customer service to EIM. “Every job I’ve had has been very customer service oriented,” Emily says. Although label manufacturing is still new to her, she’s been able to translate the skills she’s already mastered to her new position. “I like providing a service that’s needed and wanted. Day-to-day I’m working with Ed, responding to emails, answering the phone—it’s all driven by the customer’s needs.”

EIM’s vast product offerings can be a bit daunting to newcomers, however Ed August (her Sales teammate) considers Emily’s blank slate to be a benefit. “She avoids the trap of always looking to the same old go-to solutions—fresh eyes equal fresh ideas.” But a new perspective isn’t the only reason Ed’s so enthusiastic about his new counterpart. “She’s a like-minded genre nerd! All you have to do is see the Doctor Who, Stranger Things, Twin Peaks and other items at her desk and you know she is A-OK.” Emily posing with her books and a blue background

The genre love spills over into reading—Emily and Ed are frequently overheard discussing their favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy books across the Sales Office. Emily tells us the book related conversation doesn’t stop once she leaves the office either, reading is a big part of her family’s life at home as well. “There are books all over my house—just organizing them is a hobby in and of itself. I’ve always been an avid reader and on any given day if I have free time, I’ll be reading. My daughter reads even more than I do, which I find absolutely fantastic. There are some books I can’t wait for her to read—she’s a little too young now, but when she gets a little older I’m going to be like, read this, read this, read this!”

For those looking for new reading material, Emily recommends checking out the book lover community on Instagram—one of her favorite places to find new reads. You can get started by searching for #Bookstagrammers, #Bookstagram or #Instabook. “You’ll get people whose entire account is beautiful pictures of books in ridiculous settings, like with flowers or candles!” Emily laughs, “It’s meant to be pretty—but at the same time you will see them highlighting books that they’ve gotten recently. It’s a great way to discover new books.”

If you ever call-in for Emily, our labels customer service lead, and are told that she isn’t at her desk, chances are she’s in the breakroom, nose buried in a good read.