It’s Not Easy Being a Label Expert

Out the front door and into the car, My commute to work isn’t all that far. The window goes down, I can smell the air, And I love the wind, that blows through my hair.

I arrive at work and break into a run, ‘Cause there’s lots of things, that need to be done. In through the door, to my office I go, Every person I pass, gets my cheerful hello.

I check my office, as it’s been a while, And there’s all my work, stacked up in a pile. Schedule tasks, is what I’ll need to do, But not before a snack or two.

Where do I start? Someone, throw me a bone!! I’d bark orders, but boss is on the phone. Guess I’ll have to grab, the bull by the horn, And figure it out myself, this Friday morn.

Got to start somewhere, that’s what they say. But I’d much rather, go outside and play. Boss-man knows this, and caves to my hope, And down the hall I go, into a lope.

It’s nice to play ball, while being at work Of all the nice things, it’s the best perk. But we must go back, so I break into a jog. And get back to work, of just being a dog.

Pepper the office dog at a desk