Why We Don’t Sell Through A Webstore


After more than a few panicked calls from our customers, we figured it would be a good idea to clear up the mystery: yes, we closed our webstore.

After having the webstore online for so many years, we know it’s a bit of a shock to come to our website and experience this: click—click—where was it again?—click—ahh!!! where did my labels go? But not to worry, you can still buy the exact same labels from us—just not the way you used to!Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labels

So why did we make the decision close the webstore? Giving our customers the highest degree of service has always been important to us—and the truth is, our webstore offered a very limited amount of customization. In comparison to person-to-person ordering, on the webstore platform our specialty options weren’t readily available enough to our customers.

When you email or pick up the phone and call EIM, there’s an entire team of Label Experts who will tackle your custom order to personally ensure your labels look and function how they’re intended to. In fact, a typical label order goes through at least six different departments and is worked on by an average of 9 to 10 employees before it is completed and shipped to you! Multiple rolls of printed labels and tags

But wait, what if you’ve only ever ordered blank labels? Couldn’t we have kept the webstore open for customers like you? Well…there are important custom options for you too! In particular, we know that many of our customer’s labeling needs can change over time. We want to have the opportunity to check in with you and make sure the labels you started buying three years ago are still the best option for you today!

Oh, and one other thing: it’s always great to have a quick chat with your Account Manager when you’re placing a reorder for labels. Why? They can talk to you about different pricing options—for some of our materials, ordering a larger quantity of labels at one time can significantly bring the price down—it might actually be worth it to find out if you can receive a better price purchasing four months’ worth of blank labels at a time instead of two.

All in all, we hope you understand why an online purchasing platform wasn’t for us. Regardless, we hope you write us an email or pick up the phone, because we can’t wait to talk to you!

Want to learn more about the ‘faces behind the phones’? Meet The Label Experts.