Customer Spotlight: Barcoding Solutions to Bank On!

Barcode labels are a company’s best friend when they’re trying to keep track of and manage their assets. We here at EIM never stray away from providing solutions for even the most difficult barcode challenges (bring it on!). This is why when one of the largest financial institutions in the United States turned to us with a unique asset labeling problem, we were excited to come up with an out-of-the-box solution. Drive In Banking sign

This giant in the world of finance needed to label two corresponding assets with different sized and colored labels to maintain an accurate chain of custody. However, both labels needed to contain the same barcoded information. To make the challenge even more complicated these labels were to be shipped to roughly 100 different locations, creating a logistical nightmare when trying to safeguard that corresponding labels wouldn’t be separated prior to the labeling process.

A tall task but this company invested its trust in The Label Experts to come up with the perfect solution to this barcode quandary. We reached into our bag of tricks and made the decision to print the two different labels side by side on the same roll! The side by side arrangement means that corresponding labels stay together, thus ensuring that the customer is able to label accurately. In addition, this maximizes efficiency by making sure that the customer doesn’t waste precious time trying to match labels from multiple rolls.

Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labelsFrom our sales team to product development, to our machine operators on the production floor, the entire EIM team came together to come up with the best possible solution for this customer. There is no asset labeling challenge that The Label Experts will stray away from trying to solve! If you have a unique labeling challenge contact us and we will work to find a solution to help your business succeed.