Waterproof Asset Labels – Customer Spotlight

Bucket Labels for composting

Waterproof Asset Labels for Food Collection Buckets: Hodge, Inc. Every year, the US wastes almost 40 million tons of food—over 30% of the total food supply of the country. Surely, there must be a better way to use this wasted food! One Brooklyn, New York company, Hodge, Inc., has come up with the perfect solution.

Hodge collects food waste from restaurants, organically breaks down the waste to turn it into compost, and supplies farms with the compost to which they grow vegetables to re-supply the restaurants with. This creates an ideal farm-to-table and back again cycle that eliminates food waste and promotes sustainable local farming. To support this endeavor, Hodge depends on collection buckets for restaurants to put food scraps in.  

Waterproof asset labels on buckets in a kitchen

Hodge came to us needing asset labels with barcodes to help them keep track of these buckets, dispersed in the many restaurants that depend on their service. This is where EIM was happy to help!   Hodge needed a barcoded label that could survive the rough environment of a commercial kitchen and stand up to multiple wash cycles the buckets would endure during their lifetime. Immediately we recognized this as an opportunity perfectly suited for our dependable EnduraLabel. After testing them on their buckets, Hodge determined the labels would meet their needs and they could continue their important work with greater efficiency!

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The Label Experts could not be prouder to help Hodge, Inc. with their quest to cut down on food waste and promote more “livable and desirable future.” Think waterproof asset labels can help you better accomplish your goals? Contact The Label Experts and see how we can help!