TLMI’s #LabelLeader Series Promotes Sustainability

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Labels are often an afterthought. Many people are surprised to know how much of a vibrant and initiative driven industry label making is! A key driver of this is the Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI), the premier industry association for those of us in the label manufacturing world—and EIM is a proud member. We are very excited by their ongoing #LabelLeaders campaign, which highlights TLMI’s key values. TLMI provides its members with resources spanning multiple market segments, so we are prepared to face any challenge, whether that challenge be long or short term. Additionally,

TLMI provides resources to promote stronger environmental practices. This includes support for environment management systems, collaboration with peers, and guidance from experts across the industry. All to foster an increase in understanding and creating environmentally friendly practices in our industry.

TLMI’s #LabelLeaders is a video series that showcases label companies leading the charge of these initiatives. There is a particular focus on company culture and the innovative ways in which label makers are promoting sustainable practices. Most of these innovations are focused around eliminating the amount of waste generated from the label manufacturing process that winds up in landfills. TLMI is at the heart of helping companies develop these practices by providing guidance and resources.

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The Label Experts and TLMI share the value of creating more environmentally friendly practices and decreasing the amount of label waste that ends up in landfills. We have always benefited greatly from the resources and guidance TLMI provides and are excited to continue our partnership with them. We know we will continue to lean on them and our fellow members for support in EIM’s future sustainability endeavors!