Smart UL Certification Labels – UL Smart Marks

If you work in the manufacturing sector, chances are you have heard of UL or the Underwriters’ Laboratories, the global agency created to assure product safety compliance among manufacturers, retailers and consumers, as well as other regulatory agencies. Smart UL Certification labels with the UL Mark on them indicate that your product has been fully tested under specific quality standards and it immediately projects an image of quality giving end-users confidence in knowing their purchase has been a wise decision.

Assorted UL certification marks No matter what is printed on a label, the message it projects is a form of marketing. For UL products, two letters scream quality. But do they tell the whole story? As consumers, we want to know more about the product, and if left to read the outer packaging, we may still have a lot of questions. This is why new UL Enhanced and Smart Marks and Badges have been developed. Smart UL Certification labels provide a quick way to access important compliance and product information.Click to Contact an actual person about laboratory labels These Smart Marks or Badges simply combine the Enhanced UL logo (aka Mark) with 2D (two-dimensional) QR Codes. A Smart Mark goes directly on the item for permanent reference, whereas a Smart Badge is placed on the outer packaging to deliver information right at the point of sale. Diagram of UL certified products QR code scanning

When the QR Codes on the Smart UL Certification Marks are scanned by a mobile device (aka smartphone), a shopper will be immediately connected to a web page with full product and certification details. The logic of Marketing is that with more data, a consumer is more inclined to make a quick buying decision. Simple and Fast – information at our fingertips!