School Asset Labels: Unsung Hero of the Remote Classroom

label on classroom computer

School asset labels help school districts track large amounts of mobile inventory. 2020 has forced many schools to adapt to a remote learning environment. More than ever, school assets and technology are helping students to continue learning from home. But all of those assets need to be kept track of.

Asset tags and labels bring administrators peace of mind when loaning out expensive items to students. EIM is proud to help school districts all over the country keep track of school property. We’ve provided schools durable asset tags for laptops, tablets, textbooks, and so much more.

Some school districts have turned to barcode labels to maximize their inventory tracking capabilities. Barcode asset labels allow teachers to check-in and check-out supplies and technology to their students. 

VOID label

Others choose to use “property of” labels with an extra aggressive adhesive that is hard to remove. Another option is special VOID labels, ensuring your district’s property remains your property.

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Transitioning to a remote work environment has been particularly hard on schools. Let The Label Experts make it a little bit easier on you by helping you keep track of your remote school property. Contact us to buy asset labels for your school district.

The Label Experts are proud to help keep kids connected to their learning!