Permanent ID Labels

Automobile with the hood up - Permanent ID LabelsPermanent ID Labels for an Engine Maker

What makes a label permanent? Does “permanent” mean a superhero with 10x the strength of a normal human couldn’t pry it off with their enhanced strength? It would be marvelous to have such a label! In this case though, permanent refers to the fact that it is not a removable label—for instance, like an office sticky note or our removable Everpeel® labels.

Some of our permanent ID labels face pretty tough conditions. They might not have to face the foes of an old school caped crusader, but they do provide a vital link in the automotive and diesel components tracking process. For instance, a Fortune 500 manufacturer of diesel engines directs their suppliers to use our EnduraLabels on their cast metal parts. These products are coated with an oily rust preventative, making the surface even more challenging for a label. Another customer uses EnduraLabels to track brake assembly parts. Their just-in-time manufacturing process saves money by keeping an accurate flow of subassemblies delivered on time and in the quantities needed.

The super strong adhesive used on EnduraLabels remains almost liquid, literally pushing dirt and grime away. The polyester face of the label is extremely rugged, resisting the forces of smudging and tearing. In their own way, EnduraLabels are superheroes in the barcode world.

Rest assured, as specialists in solving tough label applications, EIM has a wide range of other star-performing label products for permanent identification. If you would like more information about our EnduraLabels or some of these other materials, please contact The Label Experts. EnduraLabel Product SpecClick to Contact an actual person about laboratory labels